Welcome to the blog “on grieving.” This blog was created initially to provide feedback and news regarding the disappearance of my stepson on June 29th, 2011. I’ve re-created the articles, disguising the names and places, in order to make public the thoughts and feelings while respecting the privacy of the victims and survivors of the tragedy.

If you’re a new visitor, looking for some way to cope with a tragic loss, I hope that I can give you some comfort, by knowing that your emotions are shared, real and quite valid.

How to read the blog

If you haven’t read this blog before, I suggest you start by clicking the tab “Missing Child”. This will take you to the post “Missing!” on July 4th. Move forward in time by clicking the posting titles links at the top and bottom of the article. (Tip: the next article in the thread is called “after one week” ) You can also use the calendar on the sidebar to click through the posts.

Or you can click here to get started. Or click here to read in typical “newest post at the top” blog fashion.


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